My Story…

A few years ago I started really looking to myself from the inside. I started wondering who my biological parents are. Where they are. If they still think about me. I would love to meet my biological parents as they gave me life. My life. Which I am so glad to have. I am glad to be me. But I am restless because I don’t know what happened to me from the day I was born until the day I was 16 months old, the time I was adopted. That is where my life starts for me, but I have this huge curiosity about the persons who I am related to. If I look in the mirror I want to know who’s features I have got, who’s eyes I have, I want to know who I am in a way. I feel incomplete without knowing or at least without trying to find out. Thatis why I want it to give it a try, to search, to find out if there is any information left. About them, my biological parents and family. I would love to meet them. That is my dream.

(written at 9th of February 2008 in a letter to the ISS in Geneva.)

Farideh. Find Farideh. e-mail: mail2farideh@gmail.com

I paint a flower in my mouth,
a smile in my brain and a kiss on top.

I paint words in translation,
letters to heaven and ink my soul.

-Farideh- Amsterdam, July 2010


To my birth family: My dream is to meet you one day. Please contact me as I would love to meet you and find out my history. I would be so happy to meet you!