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What is Jatkhali?

Jatkhali is an Iranian adoptees community service! Discover more people like you and share life moments with them! Let’s get closer to each other and discover the world together through Jat Khali…

What Jatkhali Means?

Jatkhali is a Persian phrase that consists of two words jat (your place) and empty. In fact, this is what Iranians use when they are far apart, which means that they wish that someone they love is by their side. Jatkhali can be translated into English like this:

  • You are missed here!
  • I wish you were here!
  • You were greatly missed!

The community of adoptees, and children who are lost and waiting for parents to take care of them, has many ups and downs. In “Jat Khali” we believe that the dreams of all of them come true, even if they do not succeed in finding the person they want, they will achieve a feeling, a feeling of peace of heart to look for someone.

As a result, if the destination is someone, or a heartfelt achievement, Jat khali will help you reach that goal. Jat Khali’s animated logo shows this very well, although there are many ups and downs along the path, the origin and destination are always stable.

Jatkhali’s Team

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if you’re an adoptee and want to be in a community with other people like you, here is where you can join and share your life with others and know more about them.

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